Social Photo Stations

One Rock Studio/Charm City Photo Booths has partnered with iSnapSocial to provide a completely social and interactive social photo booth. These booths are not only great for businesses but also for events and parties. These booths are available for rent and for purchase.

The Social Stations are the most unique way to provide a social touchpoint at your real world event or venue. Install it in a lobby, by a ride, at a point of interest, or any other place your customers or guests will be having fun and want to share the moment. The station itself is a stand alone unit that is touchscreen and easily allows your guest to snap a quick photo and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or even send it via email to themselves or someone else.

If you are interested in our new Social Photo Station please contact us through our contact form and let us know how we can help you market your business or event with our social photo stations.



Charm City Social Booth image