Charm City Photo Booths offers 3 booth options for you to choose from for your event. Each booth can be customized to meet your need, once you have a chance to look over our options please contact us so that we can meet with you and discuss which booth is best for your event.


This booth is your standard automated photo booth with an attendant present solely to help with the flow of traffic and to help recommend props and poses if needed. The standard process is to take 4 photos a few seconds apart and then print 2 photo strips on a professional lab printer at the event. We include a standard border on the photo strip which can have up to 2 lines of text on each strip (must be the same text). This booth requires a 6ft x 9ft x 8ft area and access to an electrical outlet. The Photo Booth is great for any type of event from small to large including corporate events, birthday parties, school dances and weddings.


This booth is what we like to call a photo booth on steroids, except it is a full studio experience at your event. We bring two studio flashes and a full sized backdrop. The fun station includes 1 photographer to take the photos and the print the prints (either 4x6 or 5x7) on a professional lab printer. This booth requires a 14ft x 20ft x 8ft area and access to an electrical outlet. The Photo Fun Station is great for larger events.


This is our newest booth type and takes a single 360° photo. Using our special lens and software we are able to take a photo of everyone standing in a circle and then unwrap the photo and print it on a 4x6 or 5x7 print. The booth can be as small as 6ft x 9ft x 8ft or as large as 14ft x 14ft x 8ft (the size of the booth is determined at the time of contract). The 360° Booth is great for corporate events, school dances and weddings.



The exact details of the system that is included in your contract will be listed in your contract, this page is intended as an overview only.